Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gourmet Report:Bakery Nagoya

The reputable baker located in a near place from my house.
I go to sometimes buy bread.

Bread which seems to be delicious

I often buy a baguette.
A cheese spread is applied to a baguette or a ham is put on a baguette.I love drinking with it .

I bought bread for lunch on that day.
There is also various cooked bread.

Beef tongue stew

Beef tongue stew
It is delicious to attach and eat bread in a stew.
Beef stew etc.

This is the same as that.
The stew is contained in inside.
Beef tongue stew.
The stew of demiglace sauce.
It is delicious.
This is the good for lunch.


Bacon, pumpkin, paprika, etc. on it.
When it is warmed for a while, cheese melts and it is delicious.

Pizza with Mimi-san

Although tomato sauce does not appear, it is under the ingredients.

Croque monsieur

Croque monsieur
This is good for breakfast.
But it was just baked.
Therefore, I bought it in spite of myself.
It was good to buy it.

Mimi-san eats croque monsieur
This also has cheese in the surface.
It is the same as pizza.
However, it is just baked.
I warm and eat it.
It is delicious.

Bang bang chicken salad sandwiches

Bang bang chicken salad sandwiches
This is so good!
There are many vegetables.An ingredients with the sufficient scent of sesame is in between.
I bit the most delicious portion of the central part of that.
Bang bang chicken salad sandwiches is juicy.

Bought bread

The baguette which i always buys does not change, it is delicious.
It is little small.
The place of the break across surface. I don't know the name.
The edge of the portion is sharp.

It is no problem, if buy a baguette and eat up.
However, it will become hard on the next day.
The baguette of next day is not delicious.
But it will become soft if it puts into a preservation bag.
Crispy texture is lost.

Isn't there any good method?

Gourmet Report:Sanuki udon at Aichi

This type of Udon restaurant is often seen recently.

Semi-self style.

Udon eaten in Kagawa Prefecture are delicious.
Water, air, climate, and the change-of-air effect?
And it is quite cheap.

But going to eat Udon to Kagawa is hard.

Therefore, it is glad that such types of Udon restaurant is located close.
It is delicious.

Men-Tu-Dan which existed in Yagoto and Inazawa was closed.

The lunch on Sunday.
Since lunch is somewhat early, it eats lightly.
Udon are the optimal.

Then,i considers what kind of udon will eat.

I want plain taste.

I want Soy sauce grated daikon udon or Bukkake-udon.
I want cold udon.

I chose Bukkake-udon.
Grated daikon is also added to it.

It was such plan.
Until i goes into the restaurant.

When i went into the restaurant,there was "Beef Shigureni" signboard.
Kamatama-udon and Bukkake-udon.

And as for Bukkake-udon, green Japanese peppercorn is also together.


It was a plan of Plain taste by grated daikon.

Beef Shigureni Bukkake-udon

I ordered Beef Shigureni Bukkake-udon.
And grated daikon.

The side menu is placed between the registers for payment from the place which receives udon.
It is a nice way.

 Pumpkin and chicken

There are many kind of just fried tempura.

I would like to eat each.

Careful selection.
Only two.

Squid's legs and boiled egg

Tempura of squid's legs and Tempura of a boiled egg.

Tempura of squid's legs is so nice.

Tempura of squid's legs with Mimi-san

Tempura of a boiled egg is often seen recently.
Even except for a udon restaurant.

Soft-boiled egg

I want Tempura of chikin and Tempura of Chikuwa.
Many fried food is not good.

I thought so.

There is rice dish.

Wasabi Sushi pockets

Wasabi Sushi pockets.

Wasabi Sushi pockets with Mimi-san

It is fried food too.

It was a plan that i eat lightly.

By the way, I like eating, after sinking tempura into udon soup.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gourmet Report:Food container

I bought a heat preservation lunch box .

Was given.

Does it popular?
This lunch box.
Soup jar?

Can it well keep warm?

Double lid

Lid of the thermal insulation container has a double.
And covered with a lid inside, and close, twist the outer lid.
It look that has Insulation effect is.

Cooking method is simple.
However, it changes by menus.

Warm the container

First, warm the container by pouring the boiling water.
It lasts a long time's warm by this way.


And prepared food,sausage and vegetables.

Carrot and sausage

Food were warmed up in the microwave in advance.

vegetables become soft and it has thermal effect.

Soup stock powder

Soup stock powder is put in.
This is easy when busy morning.
I used chicken stock. Please use the type of your choice.

Soup stock powder on the food

300 CC of containers enter. Please put the Soup stock powder of an appropriate amount.

Boiling water is poured out

Completion of pouring boiling water.

Container of rice

Rice is another container.
Not thermal insulation.


Side dishes is Ikanago-no-kugi-ni.
Friends of Kobe sent it to me.
Her mom made it. It is soft and delicious.
This is the glad first tidings of the spring.

Then, since a lunch time has come, I eat.

Hot soup

Oh, Hot.
It is not a Very hot, but Hot so so.
I'm glad a little.

Soup with full of ingredients

Carrots and potatoes had become soft.
Was it because warmed in a microwave oven?
Or was it cooked within the container?

If foods and boiling water are put in, it is cooked at lunch.
For example, if rice, vegetables, and soup are put in, risotto is made at lunch.
If dried noodles and soup case,it may be soggy ramen at lunch.

The quantity of soup powder was suitable.
It is not so thin and not so deep.
It is the age which salt worries.

Rice is not contained in the insulating container.
Therefore, it is not so hot.

But outside bags are some keeping-warm materials.
Therefore, it does not get cold.


Ikanago is delicious.
It is well with rice.

Lunch set

It is a difficulty that it is bulky.
I also bring the container of a drink.
A 16-oz stainless steel tumbler.
It and a 1-liter aluminum canteen.

Why so many?
It is for drinking much water and discharging uric acid.

And insulating container Lunch set.

In the case of the rice ball and sandwiches which were wrapped in cellophane, volume will be lost if it finishes eating.
However, this is same volume even after eating.
It does not become compact.
It becomes light.

However, it is glad that delicious warm food is eaten.

This is using reference of lunch.

Recipe book

The recipe book of a soup thermos.
This is written intelligibly.
Since the new dish is also published, it is recommended.

Since some books are published, they are pleasant.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gourmet Report:Sea Food lunch Gamagori

I went to Toyokawa Inari for Hatsumode.

Now, lunch.

We always enjoy at the approach, after visiting to pray in Toyokawa Inari.
And i eat eel.

But this time, only Buy food and eat it in the approach.

Let's eat some in the way back to my house.

From Toyokawa, there is Gamagori while returning to Nagoya.
Gamagori is delicious at seafood.

I decided to go to Gamagori.
Because the restaurant in Gamagori which I visited before was delicious.

We ate Mikawa-wan seafood bowl and Sashimi set meal.

The quantity of the sashimi of Sashimi set meal was a proper quantity.
They are a large number more slightly than usual.

Sashimi set meal

Since it is not so hungry, this quantity is a proper quantity.

Mikawa-wan seafood bowl has much sashimi.

Mikawa-wan seafood bowl

Sashimi which was not caught at "Mikawa-wan" has also on.
It is glad to eat seafood bowl with much quantity.

Mikawa-wan seafood bowl with Mimi-san

Rice is not vinegared rice.
Since bowl is large, there is much quantity of boiled rice.

Seaweed and a Japanese radish were between sashimi and rice.

It is very delicious.

Side menu.

Deep-fried Greeneyes

Deep-fried Greeneyes.
What is Greeneyes?

It is said that it is a seasonal taste of this season.

A fish is soft.
Just fried crispy Batter and soft fish.

Need to eat it while it's hot.

This restaurant also has the spider crab which is not seen in this district.
The live spider crab is in a tank.

Spider crab

I talked with the female proprietor.
"Is that spider crab? Is that delicious? "
"It is delicious."
"But I think that such a large crab is flat taste. "
"It is flat taste."
"It is not good. "
"The swimming crab is more delicious."
"The season of a spider crab is final. Please come to eat someday again."

The entrance of a restaurant and Mimi-san

I will visit again, in order to eat a swimming crab.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sony Handycam HDR-PJ790V Thereafter reviews

Three months has passed since HDR-SR11 was changed into HDR-PJ790V.

The last time, i have reviewed it of soon after purchasing.
Since it was used several times, it is the review of a feeling of use.

Usually taken by 60P.

1, Appearance, Design

It is not so important for me.

Comparison with the HDR-SR11

Conversion Lens VCL-HG0737C was attached to HDR-SR11 for field angle.
Since there is no it, it is compact.

2 Image quality

It is satisfactory.
Since HDR-SR11 was 1920x1080, it was beautiful.
However, it became still more beautiful than it.

Progress of various technology.
It can shot, even if dark.

Image stabilization is excellent.
Balance optical SteadyShot.
The shot which walks does not shake, either.

This is not to be compared to HDR-SR11.
Since it is a model of several generations ago, it is naturally.
Although it was expensive.

When carrying out close-up photography with put on a tripod , being troubled for a little happens.
Even if it catches centering on a photographic subject, it moves and separates from the center.
It is an effect of stabilization.

Requires little time to stabilize.

It is not dissatisfied in a field angle at all.
As expected.

3 Operation

The hold of a grip belt is not my liking.
Although adjusted, it inclines a little.
Therefore, it is little too hard to operate a zoom lever.

Not a favorite hold feeling

It is very slight.
It may be because it is not used to.
Since the drawing in zoom is hardly used, a problem is small.

Therefore, GPAVT1 Shooting Grip with Mini Tripod is used in many cases.
It is easy to hold.


I do not buy Adapter cable VMC-AVM1 .
Therefore, operation of recording cannot be performed with the button of a grip.
Operation of zoom cannot be performed, either.
Since the drawing in zoom is hardly used, a problem is small.

When recording, I turn a camera to a photographic subject, after pushing a button.
When stopping, I push a button, after shot finishes.

I thought that I would buy a conversion adapter.
However, the cable to become long is not good .
It is expected that the one for Multi terminals is put on the market someday.

If turning on and off of stabilization can carry out by one-touch, I will think that it is good.
If stabilization is turned OFF, while using the tripod, a photographic subject does not move from a center.
However, a setup is troublesome.
I will forget to turn ON after photography in the state of OFF.

Stabilization cannot be set to a manual button.

manual button

4 Battery

I was surprised at this.
The life of this battery is long time.

It is NP-FV50 .
During the travel, even if it exceeded 15:00 from the morning, it did not become empty.

I do not understand total minutes.
I am a person which often video shot.

I thought that an attached battery was low performance.

Therefore, NP-FV70 purchased by the addition does not have the necessity of using not so much.
For now.

life of a battery is almost the same also in a liquid crystal or a view finder,in the operation manual.
It was meaningless although the view finder was often used for saving.

5 Sound quality

It is very good recording.
It is important for me that people's voice can be recorded.
Performance of the projecting microphone.

Wind screen

An attached Wind screen is not somewhat good.
It is noise when windy.
It's better than nothing.

This is one's own work.


A place through which a loud sound is flowing continuously.
For example, the live hall.

Voice level adjustment is unnaturally carried out at such a time.
The cause has set up sound relations automatically.
Changing to manual operation is troublesome.

The problem of a way to be used.

6 Useful function

Built-in video light.
This is convenient.

video light

IR NightShot and Video Light HVL-HIRL which I already have is unnecessary.
Since Hot shoe was changed, it cannot use.
It has no necessity in all time.However, since it was sometimes convenient, I had.
Since the microphone was always set, having changed was troublesome.

Since it is built-in, I have no items.
Since it is built-in, I use often.

Built-in projector.
I do not need it.
It is function that need not have.

I thought whether it was indistinct Picture.
However, although it could project picture vividly also at the bright place, I was surprised.
It looks finely also at the ceiling in the car in the daytime.
To the check after shot, it is satisfactory.

Can imitate the  Okawa-Kogyo .

It is function that need have.

7 Others

The strap is not attached.
I bought optional one.

When put it on the shoulder, a liquid crystal may open.
Don't treat violently.

When wiping the dirt of a lens, I am worried for a little.
First, a power supply is switched on and a shutter is opened.
Since shutter is a thin board, I am worried for a little.

Lens is in the inside of it .

wiping the lens

A lens is wiped with cloth.
Then, a lens unit moves.
This is unpleasant.
A possibility of breaking.
Since it has written to the operation manual "Wipe if a lens becomes dirty", I think that it is no problem.

When i hold it I understand the unit's moving.
The bad feeling in the like fragile.