Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part21 Isigaki beef yakiniku

Ishigaki beef!

I eat.
We ate delicious local dishes last evening.

It is the yakiniku which we eat tonight.
Ishigaki beef!

Some delicious beef is in Japan.
Kobe, Matsusaka, Yonezawa, Tajima, and Omi and so on.
Ishigaki beef is high-class like there.

I don't care.
I rarely eat premium beef.

The Ishigaki beef is popular.
This is most popular Yakiniku restaurant in the Ishigaki Island.

I go by the taxi.
The yakiniku restaurant located at quiet street.

There is signboard at the entrance.
I have to check.

Mark of "Ishigaki beef".

Is not "Migi gaki gyu".

I reserved.
Since this restaurant is very popular.

Wooden signboard 

Appearance and an inside are clean.

Orion draft beer.
I drink.

I asked the staff recommendation.
He say "Yaki syabu" and "Nikotan".
Nikotan is tongue stew.


So this is yakiniku restaurant.
I placed an order for "Yaki syabu".

"Sio tongue" and "Yaki syabu"

The meat sliced thinly is roasted lightly and eaten together with an onion.
With ponzu sauce.

Mimi-san eats Yaki syabu

Oh, I see,this is Ishigaki beef.
This is recommended menu.
Although it is delicious, it cannot be satisfied yet.

I always eat this one in Yakiniku restaurant.
Sio tongue.
With lemon.

Mimi-san eats Sio tongue

But not at that stage.
I have expectations to Ishigaki beef.

Galbi,High-grade Galbi,Loin.
Those distinction became impossible to me.

Galbi,High-grade Galbi,Loin

I take care so that it may not be grilled too much.
With sauce.


What is this?

I ate three kinds of beef.
All the beef are very delicious.

It is very tender.
It can bite by small power.
Three kinds differ in the quantity of fat.

The taste of fat and the taste of beef are good.
Seasoning of meat is good.
And the taste of sauce is good.

Can eat such delicious beef at any time.
Ishigaki island's people is lucky.

I also eat Internal organs.
Perhaps this is miso sauce.


I cannot bite it off.
The timing to swallow it is difficult.
Courage is required.

That here is different.
It is great.
I can bite off.

I can bite off easily.
I can swallow easily.

It seems to be konjak.
It is an overstatement.

What is different?

Side menu.


Kimchi and Namul.




What is that?

The staff was carrying it to another table.
A red rice ball.
It catch my heart.

I have to place an order.

Mimi-san eats Akamusubi
Two large.
I have become full.
Red of kochujang.

A taste like bibimbap .

I usually eat only beef at Yakiniku restaurant.

For me to place an order for this is that it is rare.


Ishigaki Island is known for culture of a prawn.

A fresh shrimp.

It seasons by Shio-koji.

Soft shell.

It grill lightly.

A prawn is grilled

Shell is soft.
I can eat the head.

Shrimp Miso.

It will become hard if it grill deeply.

Mimi-san eats Prawn

Body is also delicious.
It has sweet taste.
Sweetness different from a northern shrimp.

This is so nice.
It was good to place an order.

The Naengmyeon at the last.

So My stomach was full, I was thinking whether to order.
Totori Naengmyeon.
San-in district?

Totori Naengmyeon

Powder of an acorn.

It is rare.
I thought that I would like to eat it.

Mimi-san with Totori Naengmyeon

Black noodles.
Resistance to the teeth.
Scissors are not needed.

Soup of sour little taste refreshing.
I ate up.

Ishigaki beef yakiniku.
Very nice..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part26 Izakaya supper at Naha

The supper in Naha is eaten in a izakaya.

I wanted to visit this izakaya for a long time.

Many good izakaya are located in Naha.

I was able to go to this izakaya at last.

It is located in the place distant from Kokusai-dori.
Kumoji-gawa's other side.

It is a small izakaya.
Although here has the Okinawa food, it is not appearance of the Okinawa style.
It is clean.


I reserved.
It sat on the seat of Hori Kotatsu.

Hori Kotatsu

The first sashimi.
Three kinds assorted.

Tuna ,Mamachi ,Amberjack

Three kinds of sashimi

This izakaya has Toufuyou.


It is often seen in the izakaya in Okinawa.
However, here has two kind ,"Sakura" and "Beni".
I saw for the first time.

Beni is a suitable price.
However, "Sakura" is somewhat high.
It can be imagined that it is very high-class. 
Or it can be imagined that it is very large one. 

I ordered it.

It was an ordinary size. 
It was pink
It is a color of Sakura. 

Toufuyou Sakura

Toufuyou has a peculiar taste. 
There was it also in this in proper quantity. 
It is very delicious.

I have met a good Toufuyou.

This is the Okinawa izakaya. 
So, I eat Fu chanpuru.
It is reputation that it is delicious. 

Fu chanpuru

Taste of dashi .
Sea tangle and an bonito.

I ate Shima rakkyo tempura.
Shima rakkyo tempura which this izakaya serve is very delicious.

Shima rakkyo tempura 

The taste of Shima rakkyo is the same as other izakaya. 
A fried degree is different. 
It is very good. 
A batter is good texture. 

It is the highest in Shima rakkyo tempura which I ate at various places. 

One more kind of Tempura. 
Mozuku tempura.

Mozuku tempura

This also surprised me.

Mozuku is watery.
Therefore, it is usual to become dough texture. 

But different here.
Dough is also delicious.
However, crispy is more delicious. 

This tavern has a very good reputation of cooking. 
However, i have not heard that fried food is delicious. 
I high-evaluate to fried food


Jinbe fried rice.

It looks like nasi goreng. 

Jinbe fried rice

The taste is also an Asian.
I am a favorite taste.

Carbohydrate is not only this.

Pan-Fried noodles.

Pan-Fried noodles

Since it is Okinawa, noodles are Okinawan noodles. 
It is flat and is frizzled. 
It is different from The Yaeyama soba.

It is seasoned by dashi. 
It is not catsup. 

Seasoning is deep.
I eats little by little.


Agu grilled with salt 

This is Okinawa. 
So I has become want to eat pork.
With mustard.

Nobody came to this izakaya.
I wondered although it is a reputable izakaya. 
Did I mistake? 
Is it because it is Monday

That is very curious.

We return to a hotel by taxi. 

The driver said.
Many persons come this pub.
It is saying. 
Rare case.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gourmet Report:Sauce-katsu bowl Ina

We have been cycling in Ina.

Then I eat lunch in this region.

Sauce pork cutlet bowl. Sauce Katsu Don.
This area is famous for a Sauce Katsu Don.

Besides this area, it is famous also for Fukui or Aizu.
Since this region is the nearest from home, I have only ate here.

Is close from the start point of cycling.
Reputation in the web is good.
It is the first reason I chose this restaurant.

The second reason is, that this restaurant have the horse sashimi .
I like horse sashimi.
I like raw meat.
I was not able to eat the raw Ishigaki beef in Ishigaki island.

The third.
Butcher is managing this restaurant.
The butcher is next door.
So, I think the restaurant meat is freshness and fine quality.

In addition, i can buy a horse sashimi.
It is possible to bring back home.
I planning to buy.
Horse sashimi.

The restaurant is located on the back of the main road.
There is ample parking.

Appearance is like a izakaya.


There are many different types of  Sauce Katsu Don.

Sauce Katsu Don

The loin is, jumbo, Otoku and mini.
And, Toku-toku.

Pork cutlet

Filet is only one type.

It does not have only ride &% km by bicycle.
Jumbo is too many.
However, mini not suitable for boys.
But I am not a "boy".

I chose Otoku.

By the way, Toku-toku pork is exotic.
The slightly cheaper.


Another, she chose the Filet.

I ordered also horse sashimi.
Lean, marbling, Special.
I chose the Special.

Horse sashimi

First, horse sashimi was been carried.


Is lean.
There is no fat.

I eat along with the garlic and ginger.
The soy sauce for horse sashimi .
The sweet little.

garlic and ginger

It tastes good.
Taste of the meat is good is soft.

Horse sashimi and Mimi-san

Horse sashimi is also famous for Kumamoto.
Fat is often Kumamoto, Shinshu lean.
I think so.

I like both.

When I'm eating horse sashimi, Otoku have been carried.


Since Cutlet is so many, the lid of the bowl can not close.
I knew it.

But it was more than expected.
Restaurant gave up that close the lid.
Lid is stabbed only.

Is like a bivalve.

First I will move cutlet on top of the lid .
It is a chunky cutlet.

Thick Pork cutlet

Rice appears when I move it about three.
It ready to eat now.

A large amount.
Large bowl like this is able to see everywhere.
The important thing is the taste.

I take a bite.

Sauce Katsu Don and Mimi-san


It is possible to bite off easily.
So, batter and pork are not separate.
So, the sauce of the batter is delicious.

Little sweet sauce.
sauce of  Sauce Katsu Don.

Its sauce is soaked on cabbage and rice.
It is a moderate amount.

Amount is were many, but was able to eat deliciously until the end.
Mustard is put it on the table, it can be used.

I tried to eat Filet cutlet.
Only one bite.

Filet cutlet

Was bite.
Not good?

I thought, but the taste of pork is very good.
Taste of pork deep.

This restaurant has a variety of cuisine In addition to Sauce Katsu Don.
Bowl of horse meat.
Also yakiniku.

After finished eating, I went to the butcher next door.

I buy a horse sashimi.

There were many kinds.
I asked staff which is best one.

Horse sashimi

I bought that him recommended.

I'm looking forward to eat.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PINARELLO OPERA road bike cycling,Ina, Takato

It is road bike cycling by PINARELLO OPERA after a long time.
It is the cycling for the first time in a half-year.

No problem because i riding a bike often.
Since ride only good season.

Since it is cold, I am disagreeable in winter.
Since it is hot, I am disagreeable in summer.

That's why she does not ride a bike this half a year.

She began using the binding from last year.
She fell off her bicycle in the Lake Hamana.

After that, We went to Gujo , Itadorigawa , north of Lake Biwa.
She got used to the binding a little.
But off season.
She does not use it half a year.

She would have gotten the sense?

Because it is a little worried, I want to select a course where automobile traffic is low.
It is safe in case of a bikeway.

Previously,Mibukawa in Ina was good by KHS .

For pedestrians and bicycles, course of moderate distance.
About 10 km.
There is almost no slope.
The best for getting used to ride.

It is good.
Let's go there.

The bicycle was put on the car and we went to Ina.

A bicycle is assembled and started after arriving in Ina.

Mountains of the Alps

Since it was fine, the mountain with snow looked beautiful.
I does not understand.

We go the right of a river to the upper stream.
And the course which goes down left-hand side was chosen.
Right-handed rotation.

I came here before.
I remember.

The crack of the road surface has increased.
It has been painted red.

Red paint for crack

When go on the right-hand side of a river, it goes to the upper stream.
Therefore, it is felt flat although it must be an ascent hill.
It is easy to go.

Headed upstream

This course is not only for a bicycle.
There are walker and runner.
Outlook is good way because it is a straight line.
Therefore, those persons can be discovered early.

People walking

There is almost no crossing.

In the outside of a course, it is a rice field.
Many people were transplanting rice seedlings.

I was riding pleasantly such.


I got bored in second rounds.

Because the scene is the same.
I have memorized the stone of a road surface, and the crack of a road surface.
The ant which is walking has also been memorized.

During practice

Get used to binding was purpose.
But she has kept a long time.
So it does not become the practice of mounting or dismounting.

So how to do?
Does it return?
In spite of having come to Ina?
To the time of lunch, it is somewhat early.

Does we go to Lake Suwa?
It is far.

By the way.
It was written to the road signboard as "Takato."

The Takato-joshi is famous for cherry blossoms.
Does we go?

About 4 km.
8 km round trip.

It decided to go.

We climb on the riverbank from a cycling course.
Since there is a side street, a riverbank can run safely.

Side street heading to Takato

From the middle, it is not a river bank.
There is no side street.

It will be uphill from there.
Steep slope.
Traffic are not many.
I do not like is uphill.

Way to climb to the castle at the end.

Furthermore, a steep slope.
Hard by a bicycle.

Because it is a castle.
Because it is a fort.
It is located in the place which is hard to be invaded.

I got off the bike and climbed on foot .

I will a walk through Takato-joshi Park.
It is not the season of cherry blossoms.

Takato-joshi park

Not Sakura, but it is a prominent spot in the region.
I had thought that there are some people.

However, no one at all.
No one has come.

No one is

The souvenir store was closed.
The parking was also closed.
Is regrettable.

To the main enclosure

It was a lonesome park.
We return After a walk.

Way back.
Mostly downhill.
As soon as we start, we arrived to cycling course.

On the way back from Takato

Cycling course also toward the downstream.
So it is downhill.

Cycling of this time was a short distance, but I was able to enjoy.