Friday, March 21, 2014

#09 Seimei-Jinja:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Seimei-Jinja from Kitano-Tenmangu

The trip of the tour around the Kyoto shrine of Mimi-san.
Finally I visit to Seimei-Jinja.

Here is not one of the most famous shrine.
However, it is famous for Onmyoji Abe no Seimei.

It is very suitable for those who like a fantasy.

There is a torii of first on the Horikawa street.


There is a parking lot.
However, it is a small shrine.
Therefore, many cars cannot be parked.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Seimei-Jinja

The place in which Seimei-Jinja is located.
That is a place with the mansion of Seimei.

There is a Ichijo Modohashi .

Ichijo Modohashi and Shikigami

There is a statue of Shikigami.

Five-pointed star of Torii

There is a main hall on the inside of the Shi-shin-mon.


There is Chozuya on the right side.
There is Seimei well. 

Seimei well
And a main shrine.
An enshrined deity is Abeno Seimei.

Main shrine
There is a camphor tree in front of the main shrine.

3, Mimi-san surprised to red seal

Since worship finished, I tried to get the red seal.

Sacred tree of camphor tree
The charm etc. are sold at the precincts of a temple.
I get red seal in there.

Abeno Seimei
There are some kinds of charms.


I submitted the red seal book there.

"It's a stamp, but do you no problem?"
She said.

I got the first time red seal of the stamp. 

Red seal of the stamp

In shrines and temples all.
Red mark is a stamp.
However, this shrine was also stamped black characters.

#08 Kitano-Tenmangu:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Kitano-Tenmangu from Demachi

This migration length is somewhat long.
About 2.5 km.

A route follows "Imadegawadoori" west.
And I move by a bicycle.
It is 15 minutes or less travel time.

Large torii.
Views of the torii of first is great.

Taxi is not good to landscape

Several sets of taxis have stopped near the torii.
It is not beautiful.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Kitano-Tenmangu

To tower gate from the torii of first .
I walk the approach.


There is an image of a cow on the way.


Because here is Tenjin.

Black cow

Plum garden is on left-hand side.
However, in the season of the flower of a plum, it is still early.


I will enter the inside of the tower gate. 

Tower gate

I walk inside.
There is a passage to the main hall.
There is Sessya to the left and right.

Approach to the main hall

There is a cow also here.


The main hall is located on the inside of Sankomon.


There is a hall of worship here.

Hall of worship
An enshrined deity is "Sugawara no Micizane"

Looked up

Under the eaves is a highlight.

Back of the Sankomon

3 Mimi-san finished Kitano-Tenmangu worship

I ended the worship of Kitano-Tenmangu.
I went to the back of the main hall. 

There is a subordinate shrine and Sessya there.
There are plum trees there.

Highlights of the back

Season of the plum blossom early still.
However, the bud has puffy.
A few plum flowered.


I got a red seal after that.

I obtained it

Shrine office of Kitano-Tenmangu.
I got a red seal in there.

#06 Kamigamo-jinja:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Kamigamo-jinja from Shimogamo-jinja

I went to Shimogamo-jinja. 
I will go also to Kamigamo-jinja located near it.

I went to Kamigamo-jinja through Kurama-kaido.

The route which goes along the Kamo river is intelligible.

Torii of first

A big parking lot is in front of the gate of Kamigamo-jinja.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Kamigamo-jinja

"Kamigamo shrine" is a popular name.
The correct name is "Kamowake Ikaduchi shrines" 

Kamigamo-jinja and Shimogamo-jinja.
These are Ichinomiya of the country in Yamashiro.

I went into the interior from the torii of one.
I walk the approach of lawn.

Approach at the back of the torii

Approach is a garden-style.
Shimogamo was the approach of the grove.
There is a feeling of opening here.

Weeping cherry tree.
There is a cherry tree.
But flowers are not in bloom because it is winter.

Many flowers will bloom in spring.


There is second torii.

Second torii

There is a main hall on the inside of the tower gate.

Tower gate

The inside of the tower gate is not wide.
A main shrine is immediately near the gate.

Main shrine

An enshrined deity is "Kamowake ikaduti no ookami"

Appearance of the main shrine

There is some "Tatesuna" in the precincts of a temple.

It is impressive.

Kataokasya and Suwajinja

There is Takakura hall on the inside of the tower gate.
A red seal can be obtained here.

Red Futaba Aoi

Futaba Aoi is cute.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#05 Shimogamo-jinja:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Shimogamo-jinja from Heian-jingu

The trip of the tour around the Kyoto shrine of Mimi-san.
I further go north.

Next, it is Shimogamo Shrine.
Shimogamo Jinja.

I will head north on Higashioji street.

Shimogamo Jinja is located in a somewhat incomprehensible place.

The place where the Kamo river and the Takano river flow together. 
Shimogamo Jinja is located there.

The signboard of guidance is everywhere.
Therefore, there are few possibilities of losing one's way.

I have reached the southern tip of Shimogamo shrine.
Atmosphere of approach is very good.

Approach entrance

 t can go by a bicycle to near the main shrine more.

2, Mimi-san pass along the approach of Shimogamo shrine. 

Shimogamo shrine is a popular name.
The correct name is "Kamomioya shrines" 

There is a monument of world heritage.

There is a guide map.

Monument and guide map

I walked from there to the main shrine.

The street lined with trees of the shade of a tree.
It is a good atmosphere.

Good atmosphere

There in front of the torii Chozuya.

South entrance torii
Chozuya is wooden.
It has a elegance.

Good feeling

There is a stone on the left and right sides of the torii.

Shinto rituals

The back of the torii.
There is Aioi-sha.
This is the god of marriage.


Two trees is also one on the middle.


So this shrine is marriage.


They were tied.
May be.

3. Mimi-san to the worship of Shimogamo-jinja

There is a Buden on the inside of the tower gate.
Tower gate is larger red.
A highlight. 

Tower gate 

The further back.


There is a main hall on the inside of the inner gate.

Inner gate
It was under construction.

There is Kotosya on the inside of the inner gate.

It is a small Yashiro of seven.


God which protects the sexagenary cycle is dwelling.

Under construction

I got the red seal.

Stamp of green rare

It can get outside an inner gate.